Music and Technology: Hot Hands by Source Audio

While technology and music are undeniably working hand in hand, there are musicians often so ahead of their time they are overlooked.  Arpetrio has always been about combining technology and the use of live instrumentation, so I couldn’t look at this little gem without being intrigued. (Feel free to listen to how we use technology in our music by downloading our free album at  Source Audio has developed a sort of motion controlled effect pedal attachment for guitar and bass known as hot hands.  This attachment to their already superb envelope filter pedal, which goes on the user’s finger, can be used for envelope sweeps, volume boosts, and even making those wobbling dub-step noises that seem to be becoming integrated with many styles and genres.  All you have to do is set the desired effect and wave your hand around to manipulate the intensity of the effect. While this is only one of many functions of Hot Hands, it is the one that really piqued my interest.
 Describing what this thing is capable of through text is challenging at best, so here is a video of Pinn Panelle covering a Skrillex Song.  The bassist uses it to give the wompy swells that Skrillex has come to be know by.
 This technological advancement will be a unique avenue for our creativity. We hope to add this pedal to the Arpetrio arsenal of toys made to make your ears tingle.
Link to Pinn Panelle video
Link to Source Audio website
Link to album

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